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What Does The Eternity Bands Symbolize?

Eternity bands are one of most perfect choices for wedding or engagement band. These diamond rings are crafted with handpicked flawless diamonds that run over the ring completely and thus a master piece with everlasting gorgeousness. These beautiful art pieces signify loyalty, fidelity, eternal friendship, in addition to undying love and devotion to the person it is gifted to.

Diamonds never leave you... men do! So when you make the person whom you love to wear diamonds on the especial day as a symbol of your love, it will stand as the witness for your unconditional feel of affection. These timeless pieces of beauty will certainly make your better half will certainly feel proud about you and the way you expressed your love through Eternity Bands.

Selecting the right kind of Eternity Band for your lady love is as important as selecting an occasion to propose her. You might have taken a lot of pains in arranging for the perfect moment when you proposed her. This is another important time of your life and you must take extra care in selecting the right wedding ring for your queen. Eternity Bands are great choice for wedding bands but you have got a variety of them. If you are looking for best deals on fine jewellery visit Voltaire Diamonds website. You'll find out more about their huge offer of sapphire engagement rings


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Voltaire Diamonds is leading UK and Ireland diamond dealer. Take time in browsing about eternity bands and the varieties of styles available in them. Understand that style and try asking about them to your lady before you choose one.

What is the meaning of Eternity bands? It's said that these eternity bands were worn by ancient Egyptians to show their love for their partner. A ring of strong metal is decorated all around with a diamonds. The stones might have beautiful decorations between to enhance its beauty. The Egyptians are famous for their concept of eternal life they believed in after death, and these eternity rings were the symbol of their love that would stand through the eternity. The unbreakable rings stands for the trust in their relationship that lasts forever and ever. The preciousness of the stone indicates the value of their love which can pass the test of time and leap over any problem that troubles them.

When the stones around the rings are set halfway through it is called as the half eternity band. The half eternity bands were liked more as they are more comfortable to wear and the stones won't disturb the next finger, when it is set all around. In full eternity rings, the stone were embedded at the same height as the metal and hence was a sort of hindrances while wearing them but on the other hand they were the most beautiful styles ever. The beauty and charm of diamonds are enhanced and showed out well with these kinds of eternity Bands as they are entirely filled with diamonds... Have a great time in selecting the best piece of this eternal love symbol to your lady!

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